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Umbraco is an open-source content management system based on C# .Net. It usually uses a Microsoft SQL Database but it is possible to add a custom connection string.

Almost every aspect of umbraco can be changed, hooked into or overridden. If you are a good programmer and your page needs a lot of custom features, this is the perfect CMS for you. For a "normal" website or somebody who doesn't feel comfortable with MVC programming there might be better alternatives.
It doesn't have all the features of sitecore but it is free!

automatically create content on event, umbraco

Umbraco: Create content automatically on events

When you have big but repeating content-structures it might make the work of your conent editor easier to auto-create certain types of content.Lets say you have a document type for a...
Umbraco: The OwinStartupAttribute.FriendlyName value ‘UmbracoDefaultOwinStartup’ does not match the given value

Umbraco error: Owin​​Startup​Attribute.​​Friendly​Name

Everybody who is developing with Umbraco sooner or later gets this error message:The following errors occurred while attempting to load the app. - The OwinStartupAttribute.FriendlyName value 'UmbracoDefaultOwinStartup' does not match the given...
Upload Files to umbraco with custom dashboard

Umbraco: Picture / File upload for custom dashboard or property editor

When extending the Umbraco backoffice you might want to upload pictures or other files to the media section and link them to whatever you are doing by their id.This is very...


Zoom into picture on hover with CSS

A lot of website use nice effects when hovering over pictures. The most common one is zooming a little bit into the picture. This...