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The most popular content management system of the world. Great for websites with not to many visitors per month (<100.000) and content that is the same for all users (if there is a log-in-section this probaply doesn't apply).Can be used for a lot of things and is used for even more things which could be solved better and easier with a diffrent tool.Easy to develop for and cheap to maintain.

How to change wordpress password without access to the backend

WordPress: Change admin password without access to backend directly on database

If you loose the password to your wordpress backend you usually just use the forgotten password link to reset it. But what if you don't have access to that emailadress any...
web.config for wordpress on a windows server

WordPress Multisite on windows server, web.config

If you are hosting a wordpress envirement on a windows server there a few things to look out for. One of them is creating a web.config file.A standart wordpress system comes...
Browser Caching on windows for wordpress

Using Browser Cache for WordPress on a Windows Server

If you are running your wordpress on a windows server you have to deal with browser caching at some point. What is browser caching? Browser caching is your users saving parts of your...
Caching for wordpress on windows server

WordPress Caching on Windows Server: WP Super Cache vs. W3 Total Cache

When I moved my wordpress websites from an ubuntu server to a microsoft server my backend was all grey. Just a menu and a lot of nothing.Disabling WP Super Cache solved...
Wordpress-Error: Could not move file to wp-content/uploads

WordPress on Windows: The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content

If you are installing wordpress on a windows server you will probaply come accross this error (if you didn't already fix it):The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads/year/monthWhere year...
web.config for wordpress on a windows server

Setup WordPress on Windows-Server, add web.config

If you want to setup wordpress on a windows server you will probaply run into the problem that your subpages and posts aren't displayed.This is because the nice-urls of wordpress are...
Use hidden advanced options page of wordpress

WordPress: Preselect “Link to Media File” for WordPress Attachments

If you are using a lightbox on your website, like I do on this page, it might be usefull to autoselect the option "Link to Media File" for Attachements.This can be...
How to automatically add classes to wordpress attachement

WordPress: Automatically add class to inserted Images

In wordpress you can add images to posts, pages and other post types via the "Add Media"-button. Sometimes it is practical to automatically add an additional class to those images.For example...
Wordpres Post URL: add primary category

WordPress: Remove ‘category’ base from URL and add category to post URL

In wordpress you usually group your posts in categorys. And wordpress will automatically generate catagory-archives which display only the posts of a certain category.The URL-Structure for categories is: www.yourdomain.com/category/categoryname The hardcoded word category...
Wordpress Boostrap Menu with NaWalker

Create Bootstrap Navbar Menu for WordPress Website

If you are creating a new website you have to include dynamic menus at some point. The elegant way in wordpress to output the code for a menu would be to...


Disable WordPress REST API

Since version 4.4 Wordpress has a REST API.That means the content of the wordpress page can be accessed directly. This feature is usefull if...