Umbraco Error: Invalid or unsupported character in number: .


If you are developing with umbraco you will sooner or later come accross this error:

Invalid or unsupported character in number: .

Why does this umbraco error happen?

You have probaply changed one or more of the models that are used by your database and the examine index isn’t an accurate representation of these models anymore. This could for example happen by changing a document type in your umbraco backend.

The examine-index is the front-end cache for umbraco. It is used to get your data to the templates without referencing the database everytime.

How to solve this error?

  1. Go to your umbraco directory.
  2. Open App_Data/TEMP
  3. Delete ExamineIndexes or everything.
  4. Reload the website. This will take a little longer as the temporaty files will be recreated.

Your website should work again.

If you have any questions about this, write me a comment.


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